Daily Decisions brings together collaborative works by designers and artists from the Disarming Design Department of Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. The presented projects generously share daring dialogues, collective collages, memorising methods, unexpected unions, sophisticated structures, tentative translations and intuitive instruments. Disconnect and connect, displace and place, undo and do together our Daily Decisions.

9–12 June

Decision of the Day Deepest Desires

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Sarah Saleh, Jara van Teeffelen, Lama Aloul, Saja Amro, Julina Vanille Bezold, Anna Celda, Rasha Dakkak, Farah Fayyad, Mohamed Gaber, Ayman Hassan, Siwar Kraitem, Ott Metusala, Naira Nigrelli, Karmel Sabri, Qusai Al Saify, Mohammed Tatour, Samira Vogel

Kites are satellite architectures that use air as their main structural support. They have been employed for military applications, meteorology, human flight, photography, lifting radio antennas, generating power, and collecting information. However, they are well known primarily for their use in recreational activities.

The two-day intensive workshop will investigate how kites inhabit spaces of control, war and leisure, conveying different meanings and contradictions. Students from Disarming Design and Studio for Immediate Spaces will be introduced to kites' various uses and contexts. Alongside they will collectively build and fly kites aiming to transform them into spatial communication devices or publishing tools.
The workshop was led by Hazem Al-Qaddi and PING (Agustina Woodgate, Miquel Gomez Hervas y Sascha Krischock)