Daily Decisions brings together collaborative works by designers and artists from the Disarming Design Department of Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. The presented projects generously share daring dialogues, collective collages, memorising methods, unexpected unions, sophisticated structures, tentative translations and intuitive instruments. Disconnect and connect, displace and place, undo and do together our Daily Decisions.

9–12 June

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Diasbura Journal #3 I've read this already
Anna Celda, Ott Metusala

As part of a new publishing experiment, Anna and Ott asked each for a text that one has read recently that one has come close to. A text that sticks to the guts and keeps coming up again to tickle the brain. “Every text I read becomes a part of me. Inside my body, the warmth of my blood sprouts the seed and its roots come out from under my feet to ground me to the earth. New thoughts come up through the soil and into my body, traveling the entire length and landing in my mouth, where I spit them out into awaiting ears, and so they become a seed once again.”

All texts are published together in their original forms, in the third Diasbura publication.